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Out of the medieval sport of riddles, a spell is woven of laughter, life and death while involving the audience in song and suspense. The ancient ballad on which this play is based tells of a king who forgot the laughter behind the shout: “Answer my riddle or pay me a fee!” The envious king raises the stakes to grim heights, commanding a wealthy abbot to answer three impossible riddles at peril of his wealth and his head. The queen, her ladies, the court jesters, an evil astrologer and even the audience become involved—first in spirited riddle songs and questions, then step-by-step in growing concern for the despairing and doomed abbot. It is the scorned step-brother of the abbot, a simple singing shepherd, whose wit and courage bring the day to an astonishing climax.

Locations: Rehearses at the Scripps Ranch Rec Center. Tech and Performance at the Tenth Avenue Arts Center

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